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Crowdaoke - building peace through harmony

29 Nov 2012

“The artistic five minutes, I have found rather consistently, when it is given space and acknowledged as something far beyond entertainment, accomplishes what most of politics has been unable to attain: It helps us return to humanity, a transcendent journey that, like the moral imagination, can build a sense that we are, after all, a human community."

Jean Paul Lederach's observation about the importance of artistic expression in peacebuilding was one of the inspirations behind Crowdaoke 4 Peace, an interactive karaoke platform concept that Helena, Heidi and I have been working on. The idea is a web app that will enable individuals from across the world to sing karaoke in small online groups constructed of other live users and recorded user videos. The platform will have an audience/performer chat function, event curation and organization, and a social networking component.

We've entered documentation, some UI designs and an alpha stage video walkthrough to the UN Alliance of Civilizations' Create UNAOC competition, and you can browse our submission at Crowdaoke's roots lie in a desktop app I co-created forFox Harrell’s Workshop group at MIT, which was built in Max. The tone and functionality of this version are quite different, to suit the context of peacebuilding projects.

Although it's at an early stage, we'd be interested to hear your feedback on Crowdaoke. If you're a coder with web app experience who'd be interested in helping to build the final platform, get in touch.