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How to make phone services fast and easy to design

08 Apr 2013

We've reached the alpha stage of the design interface of Call to Action, a platform that will allow community groups to design and host phone-based services. I wrote last year about why enabling community groups and individuals to design these services is important, and about the New Day New Standard project that inspired us to build Call to Action.

Right now Call to Action is a front-end design tool that allows you to visualize a voice tree via a drag and drop interface. I'd love you all to play around with it and tell us how we can improve it.

Above is a screenshot of a design with similar functionality to New Day New Standard, to give you a sense of what you're aiming for.

Big thanks at this stage are due to: Tami Forrester, our lead developer; Erica Deahl, our designer; Becky, Marisa and Anjum for their awesome work on NDNS and at our co-design workshop in December; Alex Goncalves, technical consultant on the project; and Sasha, for giving us the opportunity to explore this.

Next on our plate is implementing the back-end, which will likely be a Drupal module that builds on VoIP Drupal, although we're exploring other open source options too. The source code for C2A is on GitHub.

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