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Below you can find information on recent and upcoming talks and publications on civic crowdfunding. If you're interested in attending a talk and do not already have an invitation from the organizers, let me know.

My principal research paper is Civic Crowdfunding: Participatory Communities, Entrepreneurs and the Political Economy of Place. Here's a summary of its findings.

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Upcoming publications

  • Davies, Rodrigo (2015), "Three Provocations for Civic Crowfunding". Information, Communication and Society, 18 (3). Routledge.
  • "Four Civic Roles for Crowdfunding" in Bennett, Chin and Jones (eds.), Crowdfunding the Future: Media Industries, Ethics and Digital Society. London: Peter Lang. In Press.
  • "How Cities Can Crowdfund: Models of Engagement" in Almirall and Cohen (eds.), Open Innovation as a Driver for Smart Cities. New York: Springer. Under Review.

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About the CCRP

The Civic Crowdfunding Project was founded by Rodrigo Davies, co-director of Build Up, a social enterprise working at the intersection of technology, civic engagement and peacebuilding.

I am currently based in San Francisco, pursuing a PhD at Stanford's Center for Work Technology and Organizations. I am also a Research Affiliate at MIT's Center for Civic Media, where this project began. You can read more about my background here.

Many of the articles are cross-posted at the Center for Civic Media blog and PBS Idea Lab. If you're interested in contributing to the project, contact me.